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Michael Sautter | Bitcoin

Support the use of bitcoin by actually using bitcoin. These web sites accept bitcoin for donations or for paid services they offer.

Note: being listed here is not to be considered an endorsement by me. I use several of these sites and have donated to them in the past, often with bitcoin, but please do your own due diligence before donating or purchasing with bitcoin.



The Wikimedia Foundation accepts donations in bitcoin.


Internet Archive

The Internet Archive also accepts bitcoin donations.

This music site also accepts bitcoin donations, link.

Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla is the non-profit organization behind the open sourse web browser Firefox. They also work for an open web. You can donate bitcoin here.


Electronic Freedom Foundation

Help defend our freedom online with a donation in bitcoin to the EFF.


Free Software Foundation

FSF supports free, as in freedom, software. You can help them with a bitcoin donation (QR code and BTC address on right hand side).


FreeBSD Foundation

Help out the development of this Unix-like operating system with a bitcoin donation.


GNOME Foundation

If you use this desktop environment on linux or FreeBSD then you may want to make a bitcoin donation to help make GNOME even better.