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Michael Sautter | Value

Value for Value

I'm doing a few things based on a Value for Value Model, meaning I make my valuable work freely available and if you agree that it's of worth then you contribute something of value to me. Hopefully you like it so much that that your contribution is some form of money (real or virtual) but sharing is caring too.

One of the things I make freely available is the HTML and CSS code for this web site, the Creative Commons license is at the bottom of the page. Another is my blog There are no ads on my blog, at the end of articles I post several ways you can contribute or you can find various ways to donate something here on this page. Also I am learning to make things for virtual worlds and I plan to make some content available like this as well. (For more about virtual worlds see my Grids page.)

My use of this Value for Value Model was inspired by the No Agenda Show, a podcast that deconstructs the news. The hosts, John C Dvorak and Adam Curry, make available 2 shows a week and each one is 2 to 3 hours in length. There is no advertising and they only accept donations from listeners. It's entertaining and informative, give it a listen or two.

No Agenda Show art


Support My Work

There are various ways that you can donate to express the value that you get from my work.

Donate Bitcoins Flattr this

I appreciate everything donated and I will acknowledge your donation to the best of my ability. However if I get an overwhelming amount of donations then the bigger contributions will have priority.

Note: I don't include an official PayPal donation button because they restrict its use to legally registered non-profit organizations and I don't want to run afoul of PayPal, they are known to freeze accounts at the drop of a hat.


Sharing is Caring

If you like what I have done and made freely available but you cannot donate any money then I hope that you will share it with your friends.



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